New video of a ps-home clan, Delta Force Legion

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ps-home 後継候補一覧


2016/05/29 に公開された新しいものです。

Delta Force Legion's Beginningのタイトルで、ps-homeに存在したグループの成立のいきさつの記録です。

Picture 51 was taken by Master Ken and Picture 53 was taken by Master Hagis. This was the birth of Delta Force Legion, and Rebels Legion was around for 2 of these generations and Delta Force Legion 1st generation is in this video. How things started and we picked a stopping point for this video. We will continue to finish the rest of the story once we piece the rest together. Here is a linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRlJc... for Rebels Legion's first video.. Make sure to like and subscribe everyone!

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