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New concept for the curation of arts.

Motoko had been created the new museum in Second Life. After she passed away on her way, Yan has been continuing to complete Motocha's unique idea of curating the various  arts in the world. Yan tried to explain the new concept of curating by the presentations in Science Circle.
I and comet Morigi installated The Modern Museum as a collaboration platform for finding cross-disciplinary relation in modern history. And motoko Moonwall expanded my idea, introduced 2nd axis, “Left eye’s Art” vs. “Right eye’s Art” in her Art history museum but she died by lung cancer in 2015 before completion.
She introduced “Mannerism/ Baroque” vs “Classicism/ Renaissance”, combined two Art historians, Heinrich Wolflin and Gustav Hocke, but both studies are based mainly on Eastern Art and not enough for finding relations between Eastern world and Western world.
So I proposed new hypothesis, memory of “Hunting (migratory) life in glacial period” vs. “Agricultural (Sedentary) life in Holocene”.
It is interesting that several researchers in evolutionary psychology, cognitive neuroscience, etc. have similar idea for “Liberalism” vs “Conservatism” in politics.
Locations: Presentation at lecture hall of Epidaurus of The Science Circle and short guided tour at Motoko Museum of Art History

Presentation is in voice chat in English and Japanese.

Chat log ->"Liberal vs. Conservative in Art?"




Utpia & ELFIN collaboration Dance Party, 2018

We have got a Fantastic Dance Party, November 17,2018.

ELFIN dancing team.

Utopia dancing team waited on the floor.

We were trying to make the formation test.

Left wing team on the stage.

Right wing team on the stage.