Summer Fest in SL-utopia

The summer season has come, we are going to have the summer fest. July 15 is one of Ura-bon-e(盂蘭盆会) days, which is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. But we often change the days one month later because the farmers are too busy on original days .

You can see the tower for bon dancing there in SL-utopia. Many food stalls are built in the square.

Bird view of the square.

There are many food stalls around the tower red and white striped.

Another view.

The shaved ice machine is placed on the beach table. Kanji 氷 in the flag means "ICE".

You can grab the shaved ice with syrup in the cup and spoon for it.

Shaved is machine, Mt.Fuji model.

This is the food stand for a grilled sweet corns.

Here is the cotton candy bender. 

Another shaved ice bender.

A cup of "blue Hawaii".

 やきとり(Yakitori) is Japanese kebabs.

We can get various kinds of  skewered foods.

焼きイカ(Yaki-ika) is the broiled squids.

りんご飴(Ringo-ame) is the apples coated by red candy.

Popcorn bender. 

お好み焼き(Okonomi-yaki) is the savory pancake with various ingredients.

They serve it in the plastic tray.