Review of the Event

An event was held on the island of the ancient ruins from January 21st to the 22nd in SL time.

I was not able to participate in everything by reason, but I will introduce some of it.

Opening is a special stage arranged in front of Tivoli pool. The organizer's representative is standing in the center of the stage. General manager John and me sent welcoming messages to the visitors.

Visitors arrive one after the other on time. At this time, the news of the destruction of Palmyra ruins by IS became a hot topic.

I have been dancing with John and sending welcome messages. 

Songs by Akilikos, a singer living in Italy at the special stage. Participants cheered applause the  "Imagine" symbolizing Second Life.

The person in the left Italian light cavalry figure is Qvintvs who was devoted to technical assistance in the transfer of this place to new one. He was running around. Visitors will gradually increase.

At last the venue was full and I could not enter for a while. For that reason I have missed some events.

I was able to participate in shows of music and dancing

It was held at the stage specialized in the temple of Alexandria

The masterpiece is that the team danced with all the bolero by Ravel.

Every dancer is very fancy in costumes. Nubian God's cosplay was awesome. The name of the person in the center back is Kleopatra.

I was watching the audience. Unusual stage that audience floor is lower. I was on the 2nd floor seat lol.

Kleopatra stated a greetings of thanks to visitors.

I could not participate because real was busy for a while 

Finally got in, so I came to praise John.

Although there were some minor troubles, but the event itself  was a great success he said. Many people came to see here for the first time and it is a success as a publicity. John also talked about future resolutions. He has been planning a weekly exhibition not to be temporary. Anyway, I presented a bouquet of flowers as a cheers for his great work.

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