Museum Island “REWING & SWING”

Celebrating the moving on another sim, Museum Island staff and owners, all, we have the honor to invite you, your family and friends to a very special event on Saturday 21st of January 2017 starting at 8.00 am (SL time) on actual location of Museum Island. 
Below the link of the location of the event.
<<<Museum Island “REWING & SWING”>>> is a must be and see. A MUSIC & VISUAL INTERACTIVE ART event with activities on many locations on all the land for all day and night. Where to go?-->MAP

 This is what we have planned for you this  special day

-Dance with romantic voice of Mr. Akilikos Italian live singer, fall in love with GiuseppeCristof songs and acting at Villa Adriana Tivoli pool, Dj Stan and Dj Annabella Simmons  let you fly on the notes of her wonderful music choice. 
- Sit and enjoy Egyptian performance in Abu Simbel Plaza with Jackie Brown choreographer and her beautiful dancers.

---Visit and live the wonderful and especially designed art installations of our awarded artists below: ---

Aldiladeisogni work will stay at the Temples area; dream on the top of the sim between ancient buildings with the themed Goddesses erotic pictures. 

Surprise, smile, laugh and enjoy the atmosphere specially created by Bryn OH running between giant flowers in Petra;

Walk on Pont du Gard and meet the mysterious surreal world of Christower Dae art.

Interact out of the space and time with deconstructed and fluid sculptures of Giovanna Cerise in all floors of Gardens and fountain of Babylon;

Kiesta Aljon inside Basilica Cistern tells you the infinite story of a real love: two perfect vibrations running between columns and light. The creation of …new LIFE.

In Pompeian house of tragic poet, Mistero Hifeng come back to life emotional memories of two beloved souls… lost in 79 A.C. an eternal love hidden by shadow of Vesuvius volcano.

Wander through a whimsical, magical and romantic fantasy garden filled with original artwork of .: ŖŐӼ ŞŐŐŞĤ :. (Roxlette):  in the area of Ara Pacis and Sundial.

Tears, peace and emotional effects rich in touching textures, all in a wonderful visual atmosphere full of colors, make you taste the word created by the talented Treacle Darlandes in the arcade underground front to Sybil Antrum.

HERE your invitation: 

    🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 GIFTS FOR YOU!!!!!🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  Thank you to our best friend and member Mrs.EMMA FARGIS 􀀀 for have created and offered to our guests ad friends of Museum Island this wonderful and elegant gift: a special cloth textured with the Carlolello Zapatero multicolored Museum Logo. What are you waiting for? Take it below, rez the box, open the gift below and wear it immediately. Do you like this product? Take a look to her marketplace, you will love her way to make art with historical and themed clothes, hair and accessories. Take a look: Roleplay- Chic by Emma Fargis
 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/34606 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/34606  

               -------**** 📸  REMEMBER   📸****------: 

The installations will stay on the sim until  January 22nd 2017. Take advantage for photos, videos and your blog news. It is a unique occasion!

Art is what moves our hearts to a better world. So, please,  before to leave Museum Island, remember that each donation you put on all the tipjars all around the sim is so appreciated! It allows to our artistic cultural sim to live for years and years more giving the possibility to all people to know to live, to share Mediterranean culture signed by humanity. Thank you for all you will do for Museum Island.

*******************( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AFTER THE 24th of JANUARY 2017 MUSEUM ISLAND WILL MOVE TO( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): ***********************

For more info  about MOVING, NEW EVENTS of the actual and next sim, tours, and or more please contact us:

-    February Iwish/Merril Baxton (actual owner of Museum Island until 24th of January 2017)
-    Carlolello Zapatero (Designer and author of Museum Island buildings)
-    John Noone (Museum Island event’s manager and sim coordinator)
-    Morgan Darkrose (Museum Curator and Officer)
-     Kleopâtra VII Philopator/ Doroty Davies (New Museum Island owner from 24th of January 2017)
-    Quintus Petilius Secundus (New Museum island co-owner)

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