Ancient Ruins Reconstruction (English version)

Ancient Ruins Reconstruction - Europe and Middle-East.

Noticing from Yan lauria on FB.

"Museum Island" has a lot of historical architectures of old Italy, Greek, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Ethiopia and Spain.

Current estate owner has a medical problem so she can't keep the Island any more. It will be closed on Jan 22 .

Volunteers has been planning to get rental homestead and move everything from current place to new place.

Current place . Upper left corner is the Museum Island

26 old buildings and ruins are here on the map

Let me show you some of those buildings. 

This is Abu Simbel temples.
from wiki

Owner and designer are from Italy , so the posters are written in Italian. You can click 2 pics for change coloring from modern one into supposed old one. 

You can see after changing the color.
It is very nice that we can change color of statues in a sec on SL.

A picture of Tholos of Apollo, Delphi.
This is the reconstruction image from remains. 

Poster is written in both Italian and English. Middle pic shows the remains.

St.Patrick's well

Pozzo di S. Patrizio
"St. Patrick's Well" is a historic well in Orvieto, Umbria, central Italy. 

Two spiral ramps in a double helix, accessed by two doors, which allowed mules to carry empty and full water vessels separately in downward and upward directions without obstruction.

People can go upward and downward by ramp on SL.

Real viewing.

Yan shows other buildings on his web site.

Now volunteers has been working to move.They were discussing around the problems of moving. John noone is one of volunteers ,he has no clothing.  

I replaced the pictures of John noone for his honor.

In front of Rosetta Stone.

John told me,they are going to copy and move these nice buildings. He said "Money is a problem ,but the most important is letting people know this place"  
He is planning to have a great event aftet successful moving. Please join the event and help this wonderful project.

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