Linden Endowment for the Arts in Second Life

The LEA is run and organized by residents of Second Life, with resources generously donated by Linden Lab. The LEA has an official Linden Lab page and a blog and a full list of current LEA committee members can be found on the LEA website.

To apply for the 13th round of the LEA AiR Land Grant, check out my blog for all the details:

Welcome message on the air

Left: Applicators for round 13 Right : Info about LEA 

Navigator for 2 venues.

Core SIMS teleport directory


Basic information of LEA.

Raw of teleport guides LEA 1 to LEA 9.

Residences SIM info area

Raw of teleport guides LEA 10 to LEA 29

Location of 2 teleporter raw area  and welcome area.

MAP navigator of core SIMS below , and residence  grant SIMS upper .

LEA theatre.

LEA PhotoHunt. 

 Exhibition of Arts.

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