Chat log of the lecture at Science Circle

Chat log of Science circle 

“Astrobiology and the search for microbial life”

[09:59] ~ : Fosdick (ElectronicDetectiveSubstitute Resident): I'll start in a minute or two.
[09:59] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Good morning Patio ㋡
[09:59] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Good night Arianne :)))
[09:59] Patio Plasma: Hi all
[10:00] Dae Miami: Hi patio
[10:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: Hi all.
[10:00] ~ : Eclipse Winterwolf (Eclipse Winterwolf): Hi all.
[10:00] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Hi Eclipse, good to see you
[10:00] Arianne (ariannejp): hi Chantal
[10:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: Hi Chantal.
[10:01] Fosdick (electronicdetectivesubstitute): Chantal, I guess I'll start now.
[10:01] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Please feel free, Fosdick, we are yours ㋡
[10:01] Fosdick (electronicdetectivesubstitute): :)
[10:01] Eclipse Winterwolf: Yep.
[10:01] Fumon Crystal: hello!
[10:01] Talliver Hartnell: yes
[10:01] Patio Plasma: I hear you
[10:01] Arianne (ariannejp): yep
[10:01] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Clear
[10:08] Dae Miami: NIce Eocene Green River fish fossil background!
[10:09] Beragon Betts: when you eliminate the impossible, what ever is left, no matter how improbable, must be true
[10:10] Eclipse Winterwolf: Thanks, Sherlock!
[10:10] Dae Miami: The Drake equations argue that life is likely in the univers
[10:10] Dae Miami: univers
[10:10] Dae Miami: universe
[10:11] Eclipse Winterwolf: You mentioned getting samples.   Maybe you're about to talk about how we avoid contaminating those samples with microbes from Earth?
[10:12] Dae Miami: A JPL engineer told me they had a mission planned to go to Mars to get rock samples and then a separate mission to return them to earth
[10:12] Beragon Betts: i think even if life took hold from our contamination, it would still demonstrate something
[10:13] Arianne (ariannejp): We will find "The Andromeda Strain"
[10:15] Eclipse Winterwolf: You'll be talking about potentially having liquid water on exoplanets?
[10:15] Patio Plasma: warmer than 0°C, and pressure above 7 millibars.
[10:17] Patio Plasma: wb
[10:18] Arianne (ariannejp): We wanna find a carbon copy of human on the moon
[10:25] Dae Miami: Go University of Chicago...that is where the miller Urey work was done
[10:25] Dae Miami: i am an alum
[10:25] Dae Miami: yes
[10:25] Arianne (ariannejp): http://fosdicksastrobiology.com/the-miller-urey-experiment-1953-abiogenesis-suggested/
[10:25] Dae Miami: in the 1950s
[10:25] Talliver Hartnell: are they copiable
[10:26] Patio Plasma: JUlia child makes primordial soup video https://massasoit.instructure.com/media_objects/0_44kfay76
[10:26] Eclipse Winterwolf: LOL
[10:26] Violet (ataraxia.azemus): You're doing fine, SL's just onery :)
[10:27] Beragon Betts: i think you need to drag to a receptive spot.. some textures are finicky that way
[10:27] Tagline: discussing the Stanley Miller
[10:27] Tagline: yes
[10:28] Eclipse Winterwolf: Ironically enough, it's a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics.
[10:28] Dae Miami: Those gases come from volcanoes and were most likely in the Precambrian atmosphere
[10:29] Tagline: as long as there is varied distribution of energy and materials
[10:29] Eclipse Winterwolf: You'd expect a law of increasing entropy results in a few highly ordered molecules.
[10:29] Eclipse Winterwolf: You'd not expect it, I should say.
[10:29] Beragon Betts: the key is the energy source. He used electricity but other energy sources like geothermal or tectonic might work... i dunno tho... electricity seems especially good for chemical reactions
[10:30] Tagline: and some foci of increased order though that is improbable, if there is enough  out there, then there will be pockets of improbable arrangements
[10:30] Eclipse Winterwolf: Exactly.
[10:31] Eclipse Winterwolf: Lay it on us!
[10:31] Fumon Crystal: Europa!
[10:31] Tagline: gravitational force
[10:32] Beragon Betts: i hope europa doesnt elect Le Pen ;)
[10:32] Eclipse Winterwolf: The gravity pulling down on the atmosphere.
[10:32] Tagline: gravity holds the atmosphere
[10:32] Tagline: yes
[10:33] Beragon Betts: the companion from star trek TOS lives on jupiter ;)
[10:33] Eclipse Winterwolf: It's tidal forces due to the fall off of gravity with distance.
[10:33] Beragon Betts: with zephram cochran
[10:34] Beragon Betts: TOS = the original series ;)
[10:35] Eclipse Winterwolf: Beneath the martian surface there can be liquid water.
[10:35] Talliver Hartnell: is there a circle that represents europa
[10:35] Fumon Crystal: Terms of Service in SL:) hehe:)
[10:35] Eclipse Winterwolf: Carbon copyright.
[10:36] Eclipse Winterwolf: DNA, proteins
[10:36] Patio Plasma: The average pressure on the surface of mars is about 6 millibars, so places on mars below the average pressure elevation can have liquid water.
[10:37] Patio Plasma: evaporation alas
[10:37] Fumon Crystal: yes. hectopascal
[10:37] Eclipse Winterwolf: Pressure unit.
[10:38] Tagline: rapid rarefaction
[10:39] Eclipse Winterwolf: Aw shucks!
[10:39] Beragon Betts: the elements for life are all in the early part of the periodic table, suggesting life utilizes elements that would have been abundant in the early universe
[10:40] Eclipse Winterwolf: Good point.
[10:41] Tagline: "Sometimes I do and then again I think I don't"  - Chuck Berry
[10:42] Tagline: PAH = polyaromatic hydrocarbons?
[10:42] Eclipse Winterwolf: Yes, right.
[10:42] Eclipse Winterwolf: Not quite...
[10:42] Tagline: ah, I see the legend there
[10:42] Beragon Betts: one theory of life origin is that it used a surface like clay to bring the reactive elements together
[10:42] Eclipse Winterwolf: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
[10:42] Tagline: right
[10:43] Beragon Betts: as opposed to the elements being free floating in water
[10:43] Fumon Crystal: yes yes, carbon combining.
[10:43] Tagline: fructose is an isomer of glucose
[10:43] Eclipse Winterwolf: Honey is both glucose and fructose.
[10:44] Tagline: and delicious
[10:44] Eclipse Winterwolf: Yes, yummy too
[10:44] Fumon Crystal: looks yummy:)
[10:44] Eclipse Winterwolf: Mmmmmmm... oatmeal....
[10:44] Arianne (ariannejp): don't give it to baby
[10:45] Tagline: it has been thought that originally, oxygen was toxic to early organisms
[10:46] Eclipse Winterwolf: Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere is not chemically stable in long-term.   The rocky planets, Mars and Venus, both have carbon dioxide - nitrogen atmospheres which are stable.
[10:47] Tagline: nitrogen in the atmosphere is a dimer but is a "lazy" molecule relatively
[10:47] Beragon Betts: oxygen is a double edged sword. its highly reactive which makes it poisonous but also suitable for life reactions
[10:48] Eclipse Winterwolf: Oxygen slowly kills us over time, contributing to aging.
[10:48] Beragon Betts: life slowly kills us :p
[10:48] Eclipse Winterwolf: LOL
[10:48] Patio Plasma: maybe oxygen is stable in a gas giant planet without a reactive solid surface?
[10:48] Fumon Crystal: Clostridium botulinum in honey ( caution by mhlw.gov) is bad for child.  does not  this topic buzzed in SNS of Japan recentry
[10:48] Fumon Crystal: recenlty*
[10:49] Beragon Betts: im curious how electricity is produce in subterranean oceans
[10:49] Patio Plasma: LD-50 for clostridium botulinum toxin is about 5 ng less than the mass of 1 red bloodcell.
[10:49] Arianne (ariannejp): yes it is
[10:50] Beragon Betts: in the 70s Titan was a popular candidate. not sure why it fell out of favor
[10:50] Tagline: is this sub-terrestrial ocean a single, shell-like entity or is it partitioned?
[10:50] Tagline: yes
[10:50] Eclipse Winterwolf: Titan is probably not popular because it's so bloody cold.
[10:50] Beragon Betts: k
[10:51] Tagline: also, isolation tends to promote the evolution of varied species
[10:51] Beragon Betts: its prolly too small to have geothermal heat enough for life
[10:51] Eclipse Winterwolf: Yummy.
[10:51] Tagline: a single ocean might not have as much diversity if it has life
[10:52] Beragon Betts: tag is right that geographical isolation is a driver of speciation
[10:52] Dae Miami: right by splitting populations. It is called allopatric speciation
[10:52] Beragon Betts: °͜°
[10:52] Tagline: :)
[10:53] Beragon Betts: its why australia has weird primitive animals
[10:54] Tagline: sorry but this is a really stimulating talk
[10:54] Tagline: gets the wheels turning
[10:54] Beragon Betts: °͜°
[10:54] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): ㋡ Tagline
[10:55] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): (smileys do not work on this viewer)
[10:55] Patio Plasma: indeed I am enjoying your presentation.
[10:55] Tagline: ty
[10:55] Arianne (ariannejp): it shows me ツ in a circle
[10:55] Tagline: yes
[10:56] Tagline: great flick
[10:56] Beragon Betts: its possible human races are early steps of speciation, but we got technological so fast in geologic time that the momentary isolation that lead to races was quickly broken down.
[10:56] Cosmo Fenwitch: The book had a much better ending.
[10:57] Patio Plasma: I was Jodie Foster's tour guide when she visited the Exploratorium, she is a science lover.
[10:57] Tagline: light signals might be able to transverse a wormhole without being "killed"
[10:57] Fumon Crystal: oh!
[10:57] Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Oh, awesome, Patio!
[10:57] Dae Miami: you met Jodie Foster Patio? impressive!
[10:57] Beragon Betts: cool!
[10:58] Tagline: Wow, you met a Yale graduate
[10:58] Beragon Betts: agita!
[10:58] Eclipse Winterwolf: I'm sure computers loathe you too.
[10:59] Dae Miami: Go for it!
[10:59] Beragon Betts: the opening sequence of Contact that pans out from earth with radio signals becoming less and less cacohonous until you are in silent space is awesome
[10:59] Patio Plasma: meet me at the waterhole ;-)
[10:59] Dae Miami: great job
[11:00] Patio Plasma: Nicely done
[11:00] Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Thanks, Fosdick, this is a really exciting topic :)
[11:00] Arianne (ariannejp): We need escape velocity to "Exit from EUropa"
[11:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: Thank you!
[11:00] Beragon Betts: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E!!!
[11:00] Dali Waverider: Lots of food for thought.
[11:00] Fumon Crystal: .•*❤¨`•Applause•´¨`❤*•.
[11:00] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Fascinating!!!!!
[11:00] Dae Miami: applause
[11:00] Talliver Hartnell: thanks
[11:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: I have a comment.
[11:00] Tagline: Excellent way to spend a Saturday! Thanks Fosdick!
[11:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: I wanted to get back to your point about exoplanets being so far away that we won't easily detect liquid water from them.
[11:00] Arianne (ariannejp): Thanks
[11:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: While that is a very good point, it is still possible to detect their atmospheres in absorption lines from spectra taken in front of the star.
[11:00] Fumon Crystal: I hope NASA find the new life in moons in the future.
[11:00] Eclipse Winterwolf: Such absorption lines can constrain atmospheric conditions and chemical content, providing estimates of the probability of liquid water.
[11:01] Beragon Betts: one idea for detecting life on exoplanets is to look for signs of pollution in their atmosphere
[11:01] Eclipse Winterwolf: LOL
[11:01] Beragon Betts: seriously
[11:01] Patio Plasma: pollution like oxygen
[11:01] Beragon Betts: right
[11:01] Beragon Betts: and methane
[11:02] Eclipse Winterwolf: Carl Sagan proposed just a such an experiment with the planet Earth and the spacecraft Galileo.
[11:02] Eclipse Winterwolf: Galileo detected life on Earth.
[11:02] Eclipse Winterwolf: To see if we detect life on Earth.
[11:02] Eclipse Winterwolf: From space.
[11:03] Eclipse Winterwolf: Could ETs detect life on Earth by observing our atmosphere
[11:03] Eclipse Winterwolf: The answer is yes.
[11:03] Arianne (ariannejp): We must move to the moon after high temperature by  global warming  will be not acceptable , then we'll be  alien
[11:03] Eclipse Winterwolf: Tidal forces.
[11:03] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): China and ESA are talking to set up a moonbase
[11:04] Dae Miami: My theory is that extraterrestial life may be paedomorphic...Most fossil organisms as they evolve trend toward juvenile features in adults. If life progressed beyond humans on another planet they would have big heads and dimutive limbs like our babies
[11:04] Beragon Betts: oh ive heard about that
11:04] Dae Miami: Think pictures of little green men
[11:04] Dae Miami: he he
[11:04] Violet (ataraxia.azemus): I should get moving.... this was a fantastic presentation again, Fosdick, thanks :)
[11:05] Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Take care, all!
[11:05] Beragon Betts: that idea has been invocked to explain why gray aliens look like human fetuses
[11:05] Beragon Betts: its also thought that humans are like fetal primates
[11:05] Beragon Betts: fetal forms that become sexually mature
[11:06] Beragon Betts: its just an idea... no research to support it
[11:06] Dae Miami: Good talk and great discussion have a great day
[11:07] Dae Miami: yes
[11:07] Dae Miami: bye everyone
[11:07] Arianne (ariannejp): good dai
[11:07] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Waves
[11:07] Tagline: Bye Dae
[11:07] Fumon Crystal: .•*❤¨`•Applause•´¨`❤*•.
[11:07] Tagline: APPLAUSE
[11:07] Arianne (ariannejp): great works
[11:07] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Thank you, Fosdick, great talk
[11:07] Tagline: TERRIFIC, FUN TALK!
[11:07] Cosmo Fenwitch: And there is the question of whether intelligence is or is not a long term survival asset.
[11:08] Beragon Betts: right
[11:08] Tagline: or perhaps a little bit of intelligence can kill you
[11:08] Beragon Betts: vonnegut played with the idea that the human brain is an extravagance like the peacocks tail
[11:08] Tagline: need more cowbell
[11:08] Fumon Crystal: :)
[11:08] Cosmo Fenwitch: Dinosaurs lasted tens of millions of years.
[11:09] Tagline: How smart were Dinosaurs?
[11:09] Beragon Betts: and they were dumb as stumps ;)
[11:09] Fumon Crystal: ha!
[11:09] Tagline: no Dino technology
[11:09] Tagline: it is always later than it seems
[11:10] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Ended the film
[11:10] Beragon Betts: dont panic and bring a towel
[11:10] Arianne (ariannejp): Dino were killed by natural change, but we will kill ourself by warming
[11:10] Chantal Jager (nymf.hathaway): Wishes everyone a great weekend, Fosdick: awesome talk
[11:10] Tagline: Bye Fosdick!  Thanks!
[11:11] Tagline: Thanks Chantal

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