When you arrive at the eBENTO venue, you can see the board to join the group.
Look my first BENTO head. 

This is a bird view of this venue. I can't believe there are so many booths they have in short period after bento era begun.

The tutorial experiences of bento AO. It's been crowded always by the people.

Awesome shops we have on both sides of the venue. 

 Not many but they have some shops for men.

Visitors are almost women, but a few men visit here. He is one of good looking guys.

 Bento is a new feature of Second Life. I'm wonder  we all can follow those dog year progress.

 This event will be continued by monthly. 

Bento needs new version of viewers. Please watch  the post by Sakura which viewer fit it now.

Version of viewers for Bento(May.13.2017)

 Cool and pretty shape.

 "25% off" is attractive. 

I'm trying to apply bento head , but the connection line around the neck is apparent, even it is covered by a black choke.

I'm still on my half way to learn how to wear those bento stuff. 

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