closure of Club Zero

Established in 2009, Club Zero is one of Second Life's favorite underground venues. Club Zero is well known for a friendly, diverse, relaxed atmosphere and world-class DJ's. Owners Musette Demonia and Hazard Fizzle welcome all to experience a bit of renaissance Chicago while listening to wicked beats and good conversation. Leather friendly, straight accommodating, LGBTQ encouraged, d/s welcome!

下記はお知らせMusette Demonia: " The time to close is coming to it's final chapter. Time to spread the wings and embrace new adventures. Keep the memories, and friendships alive we've found. Keep the spirit of what I've created alive, through beautiful laughter. I've decided to , it's simply time to move on. Time to create new dreams. Time to be free and time to live, love, and laugh. Do not be sad. This is not a time to be sad. It's time to move into fantastic realms. Be happy and live as though, "

行ってみたら、そこにおられた方が「引越しするだけだよ」と言ってました。ただ表示がとても変で、まともに動けなくて早々に退散。「Win 10 のせいだよ」と言われました。

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