PS Home - Dolphy Racing

Pink dolphin on my info panel is from the game "dolphy race" . Watch what was Dolphy race by some videos below. 

PlayStation Home - The Hudson Gate

Playstation Home: Hudson Gate and Dolphy Race

With Playstation Home closing on 3/31/2015 I have decided to video log all existing spaces. In this video we will tour the Hudson Gate and watch a Dolphy Race. Thank you for watching and thanks to the Home community for all of the memories.
RIP Playstation Home 2008-2015

I review a part of Playstation Home's many facets, the HUDSON Dome(Which is Gate, but it has a dome, whatever). DOLPHY RACE INCLUDED

Today I am at Hudson Gate in PS Home and I am about to do some dolphy racing. This is a 2 lap course and there are 12 rings for the dolphins to swim through on each lap. I am left waiting for the race to begin and the dolphins haven't even appeared yet so we can't place a bet but after a short while we see the dolphins appear in the rings. We approach the first dolphin and we are able to get race statistics including speed,

PlayStation Home Dolphy Racing

Star Dolphy race at Hudson Gate in Playstation®Home Japan
This is the new race rack which appeared starting Thursday, September 30th exclusively in Japan Home.
The race is called the "star" track and runs in a figure eight pattern across the Hudson Gate space. The race is longer than the original track - - it takes about an extra 30 seconds to race. Due to that and he climbs up and down between rings, the mix of stats needed for a win are quite

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