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   SL14B                         \ ͡๏  ͡๏/
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                                         < ¢αяηιναℓєѕqυє  > 
                                         < ,.-~*'¨¯¨'*·~-.¸->


Welcome to the SL14B, the big birthday party of Second Life with a large program of events. The SL14B runs with all events from 18. June to 25. June 2017, in addition, the sims are open until 2. July 2017 to explore them.

First some nice gifts to you, to be in the party mood.

Here is some useful information for you so you can enjoy this unique community celebration.

>>> The SL14B Map as HUD for your first overview:

>>> All landmarks to the major venues:

>>> The SL14B Event Schedule:
More than 600 performers, disk jockeys and speakers will entertain you from 18. June to 25. June. For your planning you find the complete program on the SL14B website.

>>> The Exhibition
Over 200 exhibitors show their work. You can find specific exhibitors on the following SL14B website. Here are all exhibitors listed by their names:

>>> Pod Tours
Also at the SL14B Yavanna Llanfair has installed a pod tour. Hop everywhere on or off the pods and make a sightseeing tour around the whole SL14B. In addition, you can enter or get out the Pods at two stations in all serenity. More Information about the POD Tours:

>>> Freebies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
You find two parcels full of freebies in the exhibition area.

>>> More Information
More information (e.g. the SL14 Big Hunt, the Time Capsule etc.) and actual reports you can find on the official SL14B website:

Enjoy your stay at SL14B 

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