X'mas movie on ps-home

xmass hug 
2013/01/22 に公開
Recorded,Edited and Uploaded using only PS3(TM)

PlayStation Home Christmas Event
2012/12/20 に公開
This year's holiday event on PlayStation Home takes place on the winter wonderland island of last year only this year you play games to gain XP & rewards instead of quests. 

Messing Around Playstation Home AplG7Rocks Checks Out Christmas 2012 Space! WOOO!
2013/01/04 に公開
I decided to check out this event space for the Christmas thingy and I must say it looks pretty cool with all that snow. It's kinda boring though cos it's a small area. They should make it bigger! If you guys are wondering why I change the hairstyle of my avatar it's because I got a hair cut. My hair use to be so long all the way down to my waist but now it's about armpit length. I hope to grow it longer again. Sigh. I did it for someo

Playstation Home - Holiday Fashion Collection
2012/12/24 に公開

Last video of the year and sending 2012 out with a bang with the Fashionistas and their Holiday Collection. Wanted this out earlier, but I had a few things come up. You can see my Holiday special in the Playstation Home Community Theatre 1. ^.^. Special Thanks to everyone that helped on this and those who waited patiently.

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