Understanding Science

Particle Physics: The Search for the Smallest of Things


Science Circle Panel: Ministry for the Future by Matt Burr

The Science Circle  

    Panel: The Ministry for the Future

                                      by Matt Burr


         Mary Anne Clark

         Linda Morris Kelley

         Natalie Foster

    Blockchain explanation from Linda Morris Kelley




The Science Circle Presentation March 13, 2021

 A few of my favorite hemes.
 by Mike Shaw

The “heme cofactor” is familiar to us as the part of hemoglobin where oxygen attaches for transport through blood. It lends blood its characteristic color. However, the heme unit is a versatile part of many biological functions. It participates in the metabolism of perceived toxins by the liver, in the production and sensing of the neurotransmitter NO, and as support for other enzyme systems by managing  electron availability. In this talk, we will explore some of the basic structural features of heme and their consequences in biological systems.



Henupoto Wara: Supernatural Anti-Hero of the Mythical Past

Presentation by William Harp

Information Systems Technologist, Cultural Anthropologist and Geospatial Analyst